Meet Self-Proclaimed 'Blerd,' Ericia Leufroy of Warner Bros. Pictures

As we continue our celebration of Black History Month, we are featuring some of our Black colleagues each week. This week we meet Ericia Leufroy and learn about her role in film product placement and the powerful mantra that serves as a reminder to use her voice.

What is your background? 

I come from the world of integrated marketing for television. I began my career at The Weather Channel (TWC) in Atlanta, GA. My heart has always been in Los Angeles (LA) with the goal of working in Hollywood! Since all my family is here in LA it was a smooth transition. I started at Viamedia in Santa Monica; ad sales support and creative for Verizon FioS sales. From Viamedia I transitioned to digital at Initiative on Wilshire. I started right in the middle of planning season and was thrown right in! After nine months I was fortunate to be introduced to Musette Buckley, SVP Production Resources, and began as the Executive Assistant II/Office Manager. It was truly divine timing and I will always be immensely grateful to her.

What is your current role a WarnerMedia?

Account Executive

What does your current day-to-day work entail?

I support Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, DC Entertainment & Legendary feature films for product placement. Every day is a different day because of the variety of films on the roster we work on. My days range from reviewing scripts, being a Sales Rep, and pitching the film to vendors/agencies, to sourcing the products for set decoration, props (both incidental and hands-on), transportation, costumes, art department, make-up/hair, etc. I build status reports for production to see the available items and track shipping, and build contracts among other duties.  

What do you enjoy most about your job/what you do?

My favorite part of what I do is when I am pitching the film to a brand-new client or a small business, and they agree to provide the products at gratis. Then the film is released in theaters and the company’s product made it into the final cut with a clear and visible placement. The genuine joy and excitement I get when I share that with the client or send them proof of performance... It does not get any better than that!

What’s something no one at work knows about you?

Well... it is no longer a secret thanks to a certain friend who has been telling everyone at the company that I am a true BLERD. I have seen The Batman movies [Nolan Trilogy] so many times I can quote them (I even have t-shirts from the first theatrical releases, that I still wear!) I am also reading ALL the Batman comic books for fun. While my love of The Batman is indescribable, it is Harry Potter that wins my heart every time. If there is a Batman movie on and a Harry Potter marathon, I will pick Harry every time and then text my cousin and best friend who will also tune in from their own homes like a secret club.

What does celebrating Black History Month mean to you personally?

It is a month of celebration and reflection. As a kid growing up, my mom would come to my schools to share heroes, facts and items created by a Black person which make our everyday lives easier today.

How does your heritage contribute to who you are today?

When I am nervous or unsure about something, my dad will always say, “Remember you are Vanecia’s (my mom) daughter, and you can do and say anything because her strength and power run through you.” That has helped me to find my voice and use it.

Who are some African American leaders that have inspired you?

Most of the African-American leaders that have inspired me are authors. I am an avid reader and growing up in predominately white areas, the secret worlds in my books about other black children, young adults and families always comforted me; they felt like my friends and family.

Why do you think it’s important that we all pause to celebrate Black History month?

We are the foundation of this country. We are strong, trendsetters and creators always leading and inspiring everyone else. Fun Fact: I read about Lucy many years ago, many African peoples are proud that Lucy comes from their homeland and represents to the world that Africa is the cradle of humankind. If you have time, Google: “Lucy the first human.”