Meet HBCU Grad and Turner Sports Employee Jasmin Williams

As we continue our celebration of Black History Month, we are featuring some of our Black colleagues each week. This week, we meet Jasmin Williams from Atlanta with Turner Sports, who also attended a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Howard University. 

WarnerMedia: What is your current role at WarnerMedia and what is your day-to-day like?

Jasmin Williams: I am an Executive Assistant for Turner Sports, supporting the EVP/GM. You can usually find me scheduling meetings, working on projects like our internal sports portal, and making sure that all of the behind-the-scenes elements come to life. I also work cross-functionally with our operational partners across the company.

WM: What are your schools’ colors and mascot?

JW: Our school mascot is a bison and the school colors are blue, red, and a dash of white.

WM: Why did you choose to attend an HBCU?

JW: The show “A Different World” had a huge influence on my decision to attend an HBCU, but to be transparent, I also wanted to be the next Debbie Allen so I wanted to attend the school that she attended so that I could study Performing Arts. Obviously, I didn’t become the next Debbie Allen as I ended up changing my major TWICE while enrolled at Howard.

WM: What is your favorite HBCU memory?

JW: Wow there are so many, but I loved just being on “the yard” for festivals, homecomings or a random Friday in the Spring with my friends. I also attended Howard with some pretty well-known celebrities so just knowing who they were before they hit it big is a great memory. Chadwick Boseman was my classmate.

WM: What makes the HBCU experience so special?

JW: The fusion of Black culture amassed in one place! I mean, being in class and having someone to the left of you from the Bahamas and the person to the right of you from Chicago was mind-blowing. And there I was, the Afro-Latina in the center of it all. My family migrated from Panama and settled in New York, so I, myself was the perfect mix of Caribbean, Central American and Big Apple culture. Just the rich traditions and history that HBCU’s encompass is impressive alone. The incredible thing about HBCU’s is that we all have this unspoken comradery with each other that you will only know if you attended one.