Employee Spotlight: Meet Vincent Garcia

Vincent Garcia is a beloved member of the Warner Content and Enterprise Technology team. He is best known for his motivational quotes on his massive whiteboard that lives on his desk, which provides an extra push to anyone that needs it to get through the day. As a graduate of the integrate program, Vincent is proof that employees on the Autism spectrum not only belong at WarnerMedia, they can also thrive. Below is a little of his story. 

What is your job at WarnerMedia and what kind of tasks do you perform for your job?

I am one of the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Developers at WarnerMedia. I lead the deployment efforts for Automation Solutions for both domestic and international teams. I also assist in debugging current solutions using the UiPath platform, an open-source software used to automate repetitive front and back end enterprise tasks. 

How did your journey start at WarnerMedia? 

My journey at WarnerMedia began when I joined as an Associate for iManage Testing through the Integrate program. The Integrate program is an organization that helps identify, recruit, and retain qualified professionals in the Autism Spectrum. During my time as an Associate for iManage Testing, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to learn UiPath to join the Robotics team despite not having any prior experience in UiPath.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the opportunity to learn from a smart and committed team. When learning a new process there is a learning curve, but thanks to the support of my team, I can overcome the learning curves.

Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun? Do you have any passion projects?

Outside of work I am taking classes in Computer Science to better understand the systems I am learning at a higher level and possibly pursue a Masters. I make the time to learn more about Machine Learning and Automation tools. My non-tech related hobby is weightlifting at my local gym.

April is Autism Acceptance Month. What would you say is probably the most common misconception people have about people on the spectrum?

The most common misconception people have about people on the spectrum is that some people on the spectrum are savants or able to pick up on technology quickly. That is a myth in my opinion. At least in my circumstance, I work hard to understand the tools and software concepts I know now.

How does living with autism contribute to who you are today?

Living with autism contributed to who I am today because I developed resilience at an early age by improving my learning strategy to excel in school, practice communication skills when doing extracurriculars, and be comfortable solving problems on my own.

What would you say to a hiring manager are the additional benefits that a person on the spectrum can bring to a team?

I would say to a hiring manager the additional benefits that a person on the spectrum can bring to the team are: the ability to take honest and sensitive feedback, eagerness to take on challenging tasks, resist office politics when making judgments, work autonomously when given the right tools, and understand complex systems and make them understandable.