WarnerMedia Celebrates National HBCU Week by Saluting Graduates Making an Impact Across the Company and Throughout the News and Entertainment Industry

National HBCU Week

In celebration of National HBCU Week, WarnerMedia is saluting its Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) graduates and talent from across its portfolio of brands, including CNN, Cartoon Network, HBO Max, HLN, TNT, TBS, truTV, Turner Sports, Warner Media Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Television.

As part of its ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of HBCUs and the contributions their graduates have made to society and the news and entertainment industry-at-large, the Company launched today what will be an ongoing digital series of vignettes featuring prominent WarnerMedia HBCU graduates and the colleges and universities they represent.

The list includes Howard University alumnae Fredericka Whitfield (Anchor, CNN), Ashleigh Hairston (Voice Actor and Writer, “Craig of the Creek,” Cartoon Network), Susan Kelechi Watson (Executive Producer, “Between the World and Me,” HBO) and many more.

The featured HBCU alumni will highlight the various roles in front of and behind the camera. Participants discuss how the unique culture and community at their respective alma maters have contributed to their success and career longevity. The overall series takes an in-depth look into how the themes of impact, purpose, relationships, recruitment and community associated with HBCUs exist within the Company.

Meet some of WarnerMedia’s HBCU graduates here:

Carmen Davenporte-McNeal

“Having so many HBCU graduates as colleagues lets me know that WarnerMedia values HBCUs and the skills and experience their graduates bring to the workplace”

- Carmen Davenporte-McNeal, Hampton University

Christina Ford

“At WarnerMedia it is a community that makes you feel heard, accepted and seen.”

- Christina Ford, Spelman College

Xavier Byers

“Access to information changes generations. And I think that is important for companies to invest and take a stand with HBCUs because if we want our country to continue to push forward and hopefully become a perfect union, it would be great to see our company take that stance to invest in equal opportunities for all.”

- Xavier Byers, Morehouse College

Sydnie West

“I feel that the hand on experience that you get going to an HBCU, you may not get at other institutions which has prepared me and given me an advantage to work for other companies including WarnerMedia.”

- Sydnie West, Bethune-Cookman University

William Mitchell

“When you have diverse people that work in your company, I think it can further the excitement, strategy, thought process and will give companies an opportunity to think outside of the box that they have been doing for years and years.”

- William Mitchell, Morehouse College

Gardy Swengbe

“Being able to see yourself and being able to know these opportunities are available and then actually have that end goal.”

- Gardy Swengbe, North Carolina A&T University